The foolproof recipe for a strong job candidate lies in a perfect mix of solid work experience, relevant qualifications and valuable skills. Without one of these ingredients, the end result won't be so fruitful for a prospective employee.

Discover why earning a qualification with Artisan Consulting is so important in the recipe for success today. 

Increase employment outcomes

People with higher-level qualifications tend to have more promising employment outcomes, as demonstrated by an Education Counts report. Two years after study, 77 per cent of people who had completed a graduate diploma were in employment. 

Furthermore, the unemployment level for a person with a level 4 – 6 diploma currently stands at 3. 6 per cent, down from 4 per cent the previous year. However, for those without any qualifications, this figure is a lot higher at 8.2 per cent.

With Artisan's National Diploma in Hospitality (Operational Management) at Level 5 under your belt, you're increasing your chances of finding a job and standing out in one of the country's most popular industries. 

Discover why a qualification is so important in the recipe for success. Are you missing a vital ingredient in the recipe for success?

Potential to earn more

It's not just your career prospects that will improve after earning a higher education qualification, your earnings are also likely to increase. Five years after completing study, graduates who had earned a diploma, were found to earn around 60 per cent more than the average income of people who did not possess any qualifications, states a recent Ministry of Education report.

Graduates who had earned a diploma, were found to earn around 60 per cent more than the average income.

Broaden career opportunities

The lack of progression in your current role may be explained by not possessing a relevant and reputable qualification. 

By taking the time to immerse yourself in higher education, you're showing employers that you are driven and passionate about expanding your skill set – a very desirable quality!

After becoming qualified with Artisan Consulting, you'll now find that you meet the criteria of more job descriptions advertised on employment marketplaces. This will give you more opportunities to apply for roles you may have previously avoided due to not meeting requirements.

With so many benefits of gaining a higher education qualification, you too can enjoy the advantages of developing a career in one of the country's most in demand and exciting industries. To find out more, contact Artisan Consulting today