If you've identified areas within your business that require a little work, an external training program is a great way to resolve these issues and get your company and its workers operating to the fullest potential.

A facilitator is often responsible for leading these workshops, but in truth, capturing and maintain an audience's attention isn't always an easy feat.

Here are three signs of a good facilitator.

1. They're real people

How often have you been subject to a stuffy suit and tie lecturer who's mannerisms resemble a robot more than a human being? They could be revealing the secret storyline for Game of Thrones for all you know, but if what they are saying is being delivered in a boring and unimaginative way, the audience will not absorb the information spoken.

A strong facilitator understands that the secret to strong delivery lies in a perfect blend of industry-relevant information and a personable and stimulating attitude.

At Artisan Consulting, we not only pride ourselves on our ability to deliver your company's desired outcomes in a concise manner, we're also recognised for our high-energy approach and relatability – something that isn't easy to do. We have both the knowledge and personality to challenge our audience and get them thinking outside the box.

Are you showing signs of an effective facilitator?Personality plays a major part in being an effective facilitator.

2. A good facilitator takes the time to learn about you

A facilitator may have plenty of experience and a great personality, but if they haven't taken the time to do their research on the company at hand, a training program can fall flat.

An audience wants to be able to relate to what is being said and hear industry-relevant language throughout. Don't let your participants feel like they have been slotted aimlessly into a one-template-fits-all program – make them feel special.

Before an effective facilitator walks into a room, they must understand the company ethos, what they do and which areas they want to work on. This way, they'll be able to create a workshop that's written in a language and a way that's applicable to the company specifically.

Here at Artisan Consulting, we like to ensure that our message is clear and inline with your expectations before walking into a learning environment. We work hard to make your lives easier and more productive – it's not about us, it's all about you!

Don't let your participants feel like they have been slotted aimlessly into a one-template-fits-all program.

3. They're committed to the outcome

A major trait separating a good facilitator from a bad one comes down to sincerity and commitment. If you're feeling rushed and that the identified areas of work are being skimmed over, you won't leave a training program with the confidence that they won't arise again – nor will you feel that the facilitator truly took time and effort with your group. 

You'll be able to identify an effective facilitator by the way they immerse themselves in your company's operations. After doing extensive research into your individual needs and desires, they'll not only talk about these areas, they'll work hard to challenge and solve any issues at the root cause, to prevent their reoccurrence.

Our expert facilitators at Artisan are incredibly committed to your outcomes. We help you decide on your strategic priorities, how you plan to achieve them and implement ways to keep you moving forward. 

If you want to make some changes in your company for the better, a custom-built program or bespoke training program from Artisan is a great place to start. Get in touch to learn more!