Congratulations on your new management role! With the recognition of your hard work comes added responsibilities, which may involve looking after your own team.

Conflicts between employees happen now and again, and as a manager, you may be liable for resolving any issues in the workplace. So how can you ensure your conflict resolution skills are up to scratch?

1. Nip it in the bud quickly

If a workplace conflict is left ignored and unresolved, both unhappy parties will fester. This negative energy has the ability to turn a small hiccup into a much bigger issue, very quickly. As their feud spills on, they may bring other employees into the mix, causing even more unnecessary drama. Not only can this have an impact on employee morale and productivity, it can also affect the reputation of the company.

It's important to keep a pulse on interactions in the workplace. If you notice that something isn't right between workers, address the issue head on to avoid it spiralling out of control.

How can you keep your team happy?How can you keep your team happy?

2. Focus on events, not personalities

When dealing with a dispute at work, it's important not to be swayed by friendships. If you are close with one of the parties involved in the conflict, it is vital that you act as an impartial mediator to avoid being bias.

Simply focus solely on what has occurred or been said and listen to both sides of the story equally and fairly.

When dealing with a dispute at work, it's important not to be swayed by friendships.

Artisan's Conflict Resolution training workshop teaches a range of strategies to businesses who may be having a hard time dealing with disputes in the workplace. It's a great choice for those new to management roles and can offer expert insight into what can be a tricky situation.

3. Remain calm at all times

Although both parties involved in the conflict may be heated, as a mediator and superior, you must remain calm at all times. If you're aggravated, your demeanour will make it seem like it is acceptable for them to communicate in a negative and unprofessional way, which won't resolve anything.

A relaxed atmosphere is crucial if you want to get to the underlying source of the issue – a necessity if you want to avoid any reoccurring problems in the future. With the source outlined, then you'll be able to work your way to finding a permanent solution. 

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