Any of your stakeholders feel you could up your game?

Develop leadership and team capability to improve your operational culture and professional relationships.

Training and Development Courses NZ

Anything here on your radar that could use some attention?

Customer service training courses nz

Customer communications strategies that will prepare your front line teams to engage customers with high levels of professionalism, consistency, and focus on sales and relationship building.

Leadership Training NZ

Build capability for your current and future leadership roles. Inspire and motivate your team to succeed. Learn how to build a culture professionalism, and manage conflict. Leadership & Communication is an NZQA registered programme.

Train The Trainer
Establish competent trainers within your organisation who can identify training opportunities, upskill and develop capability within your team. Learn how to design & deliver a training session, question and provide feedback effectively to motivate your learners.

Hot Sales

Strategies to transform your customer service environment into a sales service environment. Develop product knowledge, understand features and benefits, identify individual customer motivation, and learn how to proactively sell within a service environment.

Conflict Resolution

Dealing with conflict between different personalities is not always easy. This programme provides strategies to manage conflict between individuals and teams, and create leadership opportunities to improve your operational culture
Bespoke Training
Are there any gaps or grey areas within your current capabilities? Artisan Consulting can help you assess your situation and provide practical solutions to develop your team and fortify your operational culture.