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Seminars - Full-Day Course Outlines
Effective Communication

Communication is a dynamic process which affects relationships either positively or negatively. The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill and key to influencing others. Learn how to create powerful teams and achieve successful outcomes.

Leadership Development

Turn managers into leaders and develop the right people! Learn authentic leadership strategies and help to drive high performance.

Customer Service

Customer Service is the very backbone of your company culture. Learn how to be customer focused and self-assured with a ‘kiwi can do attitude’. Acquire tools that will assist you to deliver service excellence to a wide range of customers professionally, confidently and proudly. A win-win for your customers, your business and your staff.

Train the Trainer

Not everyone was born to teach, but this 1-day workshop offers the opportunity to upskill with this unique Train the Trainer course. People learn best by doing and shadowing while ‘on the job’ and who better to teach them than the manager they report to? Strategies and training methods that empower employers and managers with the knowledge and skills to progressively train their own team members while at work are provided. Including how to coach, mentor, and the most effective instructional methods to use.

This workshop covers aspects of planning a training session, understanding stakeholders, the 4 learning styles applied to training, VARK, questioning & providing feedback to a learner and how to motivate the learner.

Hot Sales

Hot Sales is an energetic programme of lively, facilitated discussion and interactive skills to increase the knowledge and an understanding of how products are sold.  Included are sales language and effective communication techniques, promotion and incentive plans, steps to a sale and closing the deal.

Performance Management

Don’t wait until there is a problem! Drive better business by creating an effective performance management and appraisal system that focuses on building competencies and capability, aligns the team and improves employee performance.

Conducting Appraisals

As a key part of any performance management system, understand how to discuss and set goals for performance development and support. What should be included and how to conduct an appraisal fairly and comfortably in order to capitalise on growth and gain valuable feedback.

Health & Safety

These Workshops are aimed at all staff team members and helps to explain:
  • The Health and Safety at Work Act
  • What it means to your establishment
  • Who is involved and how?
  • What are your responsibilities
  • How to Identify, Minimise or Eliminate Risks
  • How to establish and maintain a Culture of Care.

Team Skills – Emotional Intelligence

Understand Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, how to grow an effective team and promote positive and productive relationships.

Frontline PR

Social and Online Media platforms have caused a visible shift in the way traditional media is consumed. Your role as a public relations professional needs to constantly evolve to meet the demands of both company and community.
This course is designed to give you the confidence to build strong public relationships and strategic communication plans.


At Artisan, our training is designed to cover a broad range of topics applicable to the marketplace.
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