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NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN HOSPITALITY (Operational Management) at Level 5

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Skilled managers are at the heart – and head – of every good hospitality operation. They bring efficiency, consistency and a quality guest experience.

The National Diploma in Hospitality (Operational Management) covers the range of skills every hospitality manager needs: operations management, people management and staff development.

Modular delivery includes:

Sam Cunningham

Diploma Graduate

Operations Management

This module gets to the core of operations and covers supervision, rostering and management control systems. Topic areas include how to use financial data and reports to make the right business decisions and learn the legal compliance requirements to keep everything above board.

Unit Standards covered:


 People Management

Your team supports your business. This module helps you get the best out of their performance with the right planning and performance management system.

Unit Standards covered:


On-job & Assessor Training

In these two modules, trainers will learn the skills to develop staff and this also qualifies them to assess staff performance against NZQA Qualifications in the workplace.

Unit Standards covered:


And choose between the Food & Beverage Management or the Rooms Division Management Strand

 Food & Beverage Management

In this module trainers learn industry specific knowledge for operating and managing a food and beverage hospitality environment. Topics include the planning, development and implementation of a menu.

The National Diploma in Hospitality (Operational Management) creates successful managers for your business and for our industry. For your operation this means improved systems, productivity, staff retention, and enhanced customer experiences, therefore influencing the success of your business.

Unit Standards covered:


Rooms Division Management

In this module trainers learn industry specific knowledge for managing a successful commercial Rooms Division operation. This includes facility utilisation and the unit standards for the Licence Controller Qualification, where required.

Unit Standards covered:


Licence Controller Qualification



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