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Seminars - Three Hour Course Outlines
Benchmarking Your Business

How do you measure your true business Performance in the marketplace? What information and methods will help you focus on the areas of your business that make you stand out from the rest!

Building Your Brand

Facebook, twitter, press, radio, do you develop an effective marketing plan that suits you, your business and your potential customer base without it taking you all day, every day to create? Brand awareness is about understanding your market and how they want to be communicated with. It also describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product or service by its name.
Food Control Plan Introduction

With changes to food legislation, you will need to implement a Food Control Plan. Invest a few hours to find out how to start implementing your plan today.

Dynamic Pricing

Tired of incurring increased and unnecessary costs to your business? Learn how to be pricing savvy and protect your business and bottom line.

Sales Skills

Designed especially for people who work both  in and around sales environments, the course includes strategies to motivate, up-sell, and generate revenue in front line situations. This programme adopts the principle that a ‘blanket approach’ to service and sales will not be as effective as a flexible approach that focuses on specific customers - their individual needs, wants, motivation to buy, and preferred style of communication.

Social Media Workshop

Do you need to get familiar with the latest trends, techniques and technologies in the world of Social Media? Designed for service sector businesses, learn how to build and run your own social media marketing platform effectively.

Talent Acquisition

When more than just living and breathing is necessary. Understand how to implement a larger strategy to increase growth, capability and to attract the right person.


At Artisan, our training is designed to cover a broad range of topics applicable to the marketplace.
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