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Developing People to Succeed
The Team at Artisan love to help businesses and individuals develop to succeed. We are a small company that has been around for a while and are known for being friendly and flexible. Whether it is on job, online, off the shelf, or off job workshop based, we can organise, deliver, and take care of all the small details. We focus on making training relevant and reflective of the client we are delivering to. Our training material can be developed for each course, ensuring it looks and sounds like your workplace. We focus on your priorities and key outcomes. Learning Lab offers a range of online essential skills courses that are self-study options so you can work online at your own pace.

Facilitated Workshop Options

Seminars - 3 hour duration
Dynamic Pricing
Recognising Leaders
Working Remotely
Benchmarking Your Business
Building Your Business Brand
Difficult Conversations
Pressure and Time Management
Half Day Workshops
An Introduction to Sales Skills
Talent Acquisition
Conflict Resolution
Diversity in the Workplace
The Art of Delegation
Managing your Team for Remote Success
Making Decisions & Problem-Solving
Team Building Techniques
Using Social Media for Business
Personality Profiling and Engagement
Personal Grooming & Deportment
Leadership Effectiveness
Understanding your Workforce
Negotiation Strategies
Critical Thinking  
Full Day Workshops
Effective Communication
Train the Trainer
Performance Management
Health & Safety in the Workplace
Personal Presentation for Service (including demonstration)
Customer Service        
Hot Sales   
Conducting Appraisals
Team Skills – Emotional Intelligence       
Specialised Workshops
Food Control Plan Introduction* Hospitality Specific
Food Cost Management* Hospitality Specific
Leadership Development
Frontline PR
Leadership & Communication
Tailored Training Options – Built for you

Online learning and Online Classroom

Artisan’s online learning platform is
Learning Lab NZ  

Learning Lab NZ hosts Management, Development and Premium courses covering a wide range of essential soft skills for owners, managers, and individuals along with specifically developed industry relevant programmes.

These are designed for self-study and all have FAQ support along with a question function which will be directed to one of Artisans programme leaders.

One of the many benefits of online-learning is that you can log-in and study whenever it is convenient to you. Learning Lab NZ has no time limits* or restrictions on our courses so you are able to take your time when working through your course to ensure that you get the best results and the maximum value out of the courses.

  • The New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Operational Management is limited to 24 months.

The courses are structured in a format that consists of learning modules, study activities, helpful hints, and an end assessment.

The modules have activities identified by Think and Do. These are questions or statements designed to encourage change or implementation of new practises and processes.
Artisan provide a certificate of completion once the course has been successfully finished.
Online Classroom
Artisan can also deliver many of the facilitated workshop options or any tailored courses via an online classroom. These can range from an hour through to full days. Please contact the team at Artisan to discuss your needs and pricing.

Video Training Content

Are you having headaches with the logistics of trying to organise workplace development all at the same time?

More and more organisations are using videos to deliver their training strategy. It’s hardly surprising, considering how much video technology has advanced in the last couple of decades.  
Do you have bite size, easy to digest content that can be used to communicate facts or demonstrate procedures?

What is the most consistent and effective way to deliver this and connect with your team?
Video-Based Learning can be the solution to a cost and time effective option for your training needs. Companies can create a library of a creative and interactive resources so when a team member is watching a video, they are engaging in what you would call multi-sensory learning, which literally means learning through two or more senses.

We can all agree that everybody has a different learning style – videos can reach auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learners.
Videos don’t need to just be of real images. You can use animations, such as white-board drawings and animated avatars, which are very modern and visually engaging for the team.

Delivering videos is easier than ever and can be accessible on all devices if they are kept short and light. A sequential delivery of videos allows your team not only “anytime anywhere” access, but also lets them learn at their own pace.

Videos do more than just provide an additional layer of instruction. They literally transform the way your team can develop and learn in the workplace.

For more information give us a call 0800 40 41 42.

At Artisan, our training is designed to cover a broad range of topics applicable to the marketplace.
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