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Delvene Morrissey

Arriving in New Zealand over 22 years ago, Delvene, who is also known as Dee, decided to leave the boring world of banking behind and take on new challenges in the hospitality industry and has enjoyed every minute of her time working in this customer focused environment. Starting in FOH she never ventured into the kitchen, as people interaction has always been her main driving force. She has had roles ranging from waiter to Maître de, and worked her way up to be GM of a 170 seat restaurant for just over 9 years.
She holds three Adult Education qualifications, with certificates in Adult Education & Training, Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education and the level 6 National Diploma, in Adult Education & Training.

Dee’s interaction with candidates and trainees is always positive and energetic. She is passionate about keeping the training environment fun and believes laughter is always the best way for people to learn. She is pragmatic about being able to relate the topics back to everyone’s experiences so the training is both useful and memorable, consistently getting rave reviews from her workshop training days.

Recently Dee and her partner have left the hustle and bustle of Auckland to take on a new challenge of restoring a historical villa in the remote location of Kohukohu, offering luxury B&B, however Dee still keeps her hand in the education field by continuing with Artisan as their assessor.


At Artisan, our training is designed to cover a broad range of topics applicable to the marketplace.
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