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Seminars - Full-Day Course Outlines
Effective Communication
The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill for today and is the key to influencing others and creating powerful teams to achieve successful outcomes. Communication is a dynamic process and how you communicate can affect relationships either positively or negatively.

Train the Trainer
Not everyone was born to teach, but this one-day workshop offers the opportunity upskill with this unique Train the Trainer course.  People learn best by doing and shadowing while on the job and who better to teach them than the manager they report to?
Performance Management
Don’t wait until there is a problem! Drive better business by creating an effective performance management and appraisals system that focuses on building competencies and capability, aligns the team and improves employee performance.

Health & Safety
These Workshops are aimed at all staff team members and helps to explain:
- The Health and Safety at Work Act
- What it means to your establishment
- Who is involved and how
- What are your responsibilities
- How to Identify, Minimise or Eliminate Risks
- How to establish and maintain a Culture of Care
Personal Presentation for Service (including demonstration) (Not available online)
Your staff are your brand, they represent all that your company stands for. They are the face of your company to your clients and customers. The way your team represent your business via their personal presentation can have a positive impact – if they have the right skills to present themselves well. This workshop builds on the half day grooming session and covers service and presentation skills beyond grooming including language and speech, behaviour, telephone manner, attention to detail and communication skills.

Customer Service
Customer Service should be the backbone of your company culture. Learn how to be customer focused and self-assured with a kiwi ‘can do attitude’.  Acquire tools that will assist you to deliver service excellence to a wide range of customers with professionalism, confidence and pride, a win-win for your customers, your business and your staff.  Participants will develop strategies for communicating with customers in a professional and positive manner, building rapport authentically, providing a great customer experience each and every time, building loyalty and repeat business, handling customer issues/complaints and much more.

Hot Sales
The Hot sales course is an energetic programme of lively, facilitated discussion and interactive skills to increase the knowledge and understanding of selling products, services and promotions in a business environment. Included are sales language and effective communication techniques, motivation and incentive plans, the steps to a sale and closing the deal.

Conducting Appraisals
As a key part of any performance management system, understand how to discuss and set goals for performance development and support. What should be included and how to conduct an appraisal fairly and comfortably to capitalise on growth and gain valuable feedback

Team Skills – Emotional Intelligence
Understand Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, how to cultivate an effective team and promote positive and productive relationships.

At Artisan, our training is designed to cover a broad range of topics applicable to the marketplace.
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