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Julia Unger

Julia has 31 years’ experience in the Hospitality, Media and Adult Training fields.

Educated at the University of Natal Durban, South Africa, Julia graduated with an Arts degree in several languages.  She joined the South African Department of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Corps as a Media Specialist followed by a 30 year-long career in international retail/hospitality/tourism from Dubai to the USA.

She was the official publicist for Miss World and The World Travel Awards and devised the communication strategies for numerous national and international corporations and non-profit NGOs.
Julia freelances for news agencies such as Media24 and is registered as a Content Editor for New Zealand Today, a Charted Public Relations Practitioner with PRISA (Public Relations Institute of South Africa) and with PRINZ (Public Relations Institute of New Zealand).

Contact Julia:  julia@artisan.net.nz


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